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The Marzorati firm offers support for relocation bureaucratic procedures: tax requirements, visas, work permits, ‘green cards,’ public health system coverage, and insurance. We and our authorized partners also can help you to find your new home, domestic help, and any other kind of necessity, for example, the selection of the best schools for your kids, and many other services.


People with a high net worth who transfer their residence to Italy can opt for withholding tax liability on gains produced abroad on the condition that they have not been fiscal residents of Italy for a period that is at least equal to nine of the preceding ten tax years prior to the beginning of the validation period of the option.

A flat rate may also be extended to one or more family members who possess the requisites, through a specific indication in the tax returns referring to the tax year, or the subsequent one, in which the family member transferred his/her fiscal residence to Italy.

The tax payer who has the necessary requisites may adhere to the new regime when the tax returns referring to the tax year in which the fiscal residence was transferred to Italy, or to the one immediately subsequent, are presented.

The withholding tax is equal to Euro 100,000 for each taxable period for which this option has been chosen, and is equal to Euro 25,000 for each family member to which the effects of the tax measure has been extended. The option is considered renewed tacitly from year to year, while the effects cease, in any case, after fifteen years from the first tax year for which this option was chosen.

The Marzorati firm gives complete assistance throughout the entire bureaucratic process beginning with the presentation of a specific preliminary request for a ruling from the appropriate Italian taxes department. It also will assist you in the compilation of the checklist and in gathering the relative documentation for the evaluation of the existence of the elements necessary for applying successfully for this tax regime.