M&A Advisory, Debt Restructuring We can offer corporate finance services to businessmen, companies and institutional investors (private equity funds):
special financial operations in M&A buy side and sell side restructuring operations for recovering marginal profits, optimization of the patrimony structure as well
as debt restructuring (refinance plans and debt reorganization) through strategic planning, the elaboration of industrial and business plans


For unlisted companies, applying for financing is more and more complicated in these difficult years of crisis. The dependence of SME’s on bank financing was
really and truly a thorn in the side of businessmen and often a reason for bankruptcy. Today, a new and more modern financial instrument has appeared on the
market as an opportunity for SMEs to escape from the old model “financing = bank”: mini-bonds.

Mini-bonds were introduced into Italian Law by the 2012 ‘Development Decree’ (Decreto Sviluppo) as a financial instrument for unlisted companies that want to open themselves up to market capital, thus reducing the dependence of SMEs on bank financing.

Technically, they are medium- or long-term bonds, or debt security, issued by an Italian unlisted company in favor of subjects intending to invest in the project of that company. Like other bonds, they have interest rates paid in the form of periodic coupons and they have expiration dates.


Internal growth: gathering financial resources to sustain investments
(research and development, new products or new markets)

External growth: supporting eventual acquisitions of other
companies or divisions

Restructuring company debt: the liquidity amassed will serve
to extinguish existing debt and to restructure the
composition of the financing

Financing the company’s cash flow cycle: the goal is to satisfy the
short term balance between earnings and the payment of debts

Here at the Marzorati firm, we are specialized in supporting SMEs in the various steps necessary to reach the issuing of mini-bonds. We offer:

–preliminary evaluations of the company and an analysis of feasibility / economic-financial benefit of the issuing; this is reached through a detailed analysis of the type of business in question, its current and prospective financial situations, the principal indicators of the budget and the development project the company intends to finance;

–preparation of the data and documents necessary for a successful process of due diligence and the eventual issuance of the rating by specialized operators;

–support and assistance to find potential investors in order to evaluate market interest in the issuance, and during the successive phases of the issuance through a periodic analysis of adherence to the covenants and an indication of eventual critical situations tied to the company’s economic-financial performance.

If you want to grow your business, but you are tired of dealing with bureaucracy and banks’ lack of entrepreneurial spirit, get going and call us to learn more about this new financial instrument.

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The term “low-interest loans” refers to financing disbursed by bodies that usually are governed by public law, in order to favor company activity development.

The Marzorati firm and its specialized partners can aid and support companies in researching and evaluating the opportunities present regionally, nationally, and in Europe.

The principal areas for low-interest loan investments, today, are:

  • research, development and innovation
  • environment
  • structural investments
  • tourism and commerce
  • becoming international

The Marzorati firm, after a free evaluation of the possibility of obtaining incentives, offers a service divided into the following phases:

  • feasibility study, selection of the suitable normative law, and a verification of requisites
  • realization of a business plan for the investment project
  • preparation of the documentation requested by the competent bodies
  • assistance in the phase of presentation, enquiry and the disbursement and use of the financial concession